An Intimate Connection

intimacy quote

My baby is moving more and more every day. I’ve had to get used to it but now it is a welcome, lovely and reassuring feeling. I can detect a pattern and it seems that right now baby is very active just before I go to sleep which I find very calming as I drift off, as well as being pretty lively just as I am waking. I feel very connected with the baby and like to place my hands over where I feel the movement.

Whenever I feel movement my hands subconsciously drift over my tummy. No matter where I am. I think it must be instinctual; I am now extremely aware that no matter where I am I am never alone. I’ve always been very happy in my own company; I’ve never experienced great loneliness. However I can’t say I miss being alone. I’m happy to have the baby with me and by responding to movement I think I’m communicating with the baby.

I’ve never considered how this might make other people feel and whether it makes them uncomfortable. I’ve noticed a few people, strangers on the bus or at university, staring but I’ve never given it much thought.

Whenever Marco and I are together I’m excited to let him feel the baby’s movements. For a while I was perplexed as to why he couldn’t then all of a sudden one evening he said he could. This experience we shared between us; it was special and intimate and very emotional.

Whilst I really like to touch my pregnant tummy I’m precious of it. I’m pretty uncomfortable about other people touching it. And surprisingly, for me at least, quite a few people want to. I don’t want to seem unfeeling but my body is still my body…someone else rubbing my tummy and cooing at the baby tarnishes those feelings of intimacy making me feel more like an incubator, or a window at the aquarium, than a person.


3 thoughts on “An Intimate Connection

  1. I remember how I felt reassurance each time I would feel my baby (didn’t know it was a boy until I delivered!) move around. I was sure I’d miss the sensation once I gave birth (everyone told me I wouldn’t) but I did and still do sometimes. I also constantly had my hands on my belly every time I felt a movement; I agree, it must be instinctual. I find it odd that people would want to touch your belly all the time, during my whole pregnancy it has happened twice to me, both times it was a close friend who asked me if I minded before putting her hands on my very pregnant tummy.

  2. Felt just like you when I was pregnant.
    Also like you see learning as a lifelong journey.
    I wonder if you would like to have details of a forthcoming report from a national charity on a literacy crisis as they are looking for learning bloggers to help them spread awareness.
    If this is of any interest, please email and I can let you know more

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