My hopes for a positive birth experience

My due date was Wednesday, 17th July 2013.

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” Rudyard Kipling

However I’m still patiently waiting for the arrival of my baby. I’ve been practising some hypno-birthing techniques over the past few months. Even though it’s taken me a while to look past how insubstantial on the surface hypno-birthing seems I finally can see it as a tool I can harness and use.

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An Intimate Connection

intimacy quote

My baby is moving more and more every day. I’ve had to get used to it but now it is a welcome, lovely and reassuring feeling. I can detect a pattern and it seems that right now baby is very active just before I go to sleep which I find very calming as I drift off, as well as being pretty lively just as I am waking. I feel very connected with the baby and like to place my hands over where I feel the movement.

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a clean slate with your own face on | How does it feel to be pregnant?

I suppose it’s different for everyone.

Hardest to describe is what it feels like to feel the baby moving inside of you…I’ve struggled with this one.
I think it’s a bit like holding a goldfish in bag and  feeling it swoosh around, and maybe touch your hands through the bag. You feel the water rippling.

Then I remembered this beautiful poem by Sylvia Plath. Written whilst pregnant I think Plath describes the sensations wonderfully.


Lemon Scented Pancakes

The summer after our graduation I stayed with my beloved friend Lisa for a few nights when she had a party to celebrate the end of our time at university. The morning after the party, she and I made a huge brunch feast and ate sitting on her terrace balcony in the sunshine. The highlight of that brunch were these lemon ricotta pancakes! Continue reading